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  1. BITG: The Sound On Sound Review

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    The nice people at Sound On Sound Magazine have reviewed “Back In The Groove” in their May 2013 edition.

    Key quotes: "enjoying every minute" (speaking of SC-G!), “strong late-’80s pop influences”, “very good guesting singers, who really lift the quality of the production” and “an album of unrivalled happiness”(!!!)

    They also found it super-cheesy, which I don’t mind, plus some incomprehensible bit about most of album sounding like an outro or middle-eight!?...

    Anyway… thank you SOS for taking notice, and thank you to my "very good guesting singers": Maria Willson, PJ Lequerica, Kelly Webb, and Priscilla Slade.

    Click here for the full review.  What do you think?...

  2. You Don't Get Me

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    “You Don’t Get Me” started with a lyric from David B.

    The original lyric was written from the point of view of a girl making a scene to her boyfriend.  I suggested that we change it to a teenager making a scene to her dad.  This shift was done with only a few line changes.

    David B. is no teenage girl, and neither I am… so this is a song that I think would benefit from a co-write with the artist, to further fine-tune the lyric and make it fit the artist personality and language.

    Music & Production

    The musical hook is based on a simple guitar riff, together with a cool bass line and syncopated groove.

    There are two very distinct drum parts: the syncopated drum machine that runs throughout, and heavy acoustic drums on top during the choruses.

    Ben Treeby played guitar, Kelly Webb sang, I played the other tracks, sang backups, produced and mixed.  John Astley mastered.

    “Heavy Remix”

    The version uploaded on YouTube and SoundCloud is slightly different from the original version featured on the “Back in the Groove” album (available on iTunes, CD Baby, and wherever good mp3s are sold ;-)).

    In the original version, the big drums only come in on the final set of choruses.  I liked the idea of “holding out” for a while then finishing off with a big climax.  The overall feedback I got though, was that the early choruses needed to be bigger.  So now, every chorus has big heavy drums on them!


    Words by David B. / Music by A. Robin
    Produced by SuperCool-Guy
    © 2012 -- All rights reserved

    I'm not that serious
    Sometimes I'm delirious
    I don't like fitting in
    I won't quit 'till I win

    I don't like girlie things
    Shabby chic just ain't my scene
    Rock and roll that's what I like
    Partying all through the night

    But you call me your sweet little princess
    You're such a mess

    You don't get me
    You don't get me
    You don't get me
    You don't
    Why don't you understand?
    You just don't get me

    You got your set of rules
    And I don't think they're cool
    You want me to behave
    You say I'm going through a phase

    You think you know me, you don't have a clue
    I'm tellin' you

    You don't get me...

    I got to be myself
    Gotta have some fun
    I'm learnin' to be free
    My life has just begun
    These times I won't forget
    And one day you'll regret

    You don't get me...

    Why don't you understand?
    See me as I am

    [Repeat chorus]

    Why don't you let yourself
    See me as I am
    And then you'll understand
    That you just don't get me.