I Have Been Rocked!

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One of my earliest memories of rock music was hearing on the radio “We Will Rock You” by Queen.  That must have been shortly after its release in 1977.

I didn’t really know what “rock” was and I had no idea who “Queen” was or what the song was about.  All I knew is that it sounded adult, it sounded “dangerous”, and I loved it!  That was a defining moment, the beginnings of my transition from childhood to adolescence…

Some interesting trivia on the song, including the overdubbing method used to emulate the stomping and clapping of a crowd (these were the “good old days” before sampling):

There have been many versions of that song over the years.

My favorite is probably the “fast” version used as a show opener in the late 70s/early 80s and immortalized in Queen’s “Live Killers” album.

So, Queen, yes you did keep your promise: I have been rocked all right, thank you very much!

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