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The nice people at Sound On Sound Magazine have reviewed “Back In The Groove” in their May 2013 edition.

Key quotes: "enjoying every minute" (speaking of SC-G!), “strong late-’80s pop influences”, “very good guesting singers, who really lift the quality of the production” and “an album of unrivalled happiness”(!!!)

They also found it super-cheesy, which I don’t mind, plus some incomprehensible bit about most of album sounding like an outro or middle-eight!?...

Anyway… thank you SOS for taking notice, and thank you to my "very good guesting singers": Maria Willson, PJ Lequerica, Kelly Webb, and Priscilla Slade.

Click here for the full review.  What do you think?...

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  1. joel rockman

    Congratulations! It's a great album and deserves to be very successful. Joel

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