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Kids come up to me all the time and they’ll say things like “SC-G, we know you’re super cool and all, but what does your music really sound like?”

Well, actually, no one’s really asked me that, but if they did, what better way to answer that than walk them through my record collection?

That’s essentially what I’m going to do with this blog.

I think if you went to most artists, took all the records in their collection, all their musical influences, and kind of stuffed them all in a big blender, you would get a result that is a pretty close approximation of that artist’s music.

Unconsciously, we all borrow from the music that came before us and that we love, process it, add a bit of personality, the new sounds and technology of our era, and then spit it right out as our own.

In an interview with Time Magazine published this week, Sting says “I don't think there's such a thing as composition in pop music. I think what we do in pop music is collate. […] I'm a good collator.”

So anyway, let’s start with a bit of quantitative analysis: I’ve crunched the numbers, and this is what my music collection looks like:

SuperCool-Guy’s music collection by decade:

2010s:           3% 
2000s:           32% 
1990s:           29% 
1980s:           30% 
1970s:           7% 
1960s:           <1%

A very even spread across the past 3-4 decades.  If I take all the records in my collection and average out their release date, I get 1994!

SuperCool-Guy’s music collection by nationality:

American:      41% 
British:           29% 
French:          11% 
Japanese:     6% 
Canadian:     4% 
Scandinavian:          3% 
Australian:     2% 
Other: 4%

In other words, 75% “Anglo-Saxon” / 25% “World” music. 


SuperCool-Guy’s music collection by genre:

Pop:    35% 
Rock:  30% 
Dance / Disco / Electronica:          11% 
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal:   10% 
French Pop:  5% 
Hip-Hop / R&B:        5% 
Other: 5%

So, pop and related genres stand at around 40%, rock and related at around 40%, and the remaining 20% is mostly dance and related, with a bit of everything else thrown in!


So far, I think that’s a pretty fair representation of what SuperCool-Guy’s music sounds like.

Now let’s look at the top artists in my music collection.

Top 10 artists in SuperCool-Guy’s music collection (by number of records owned)” 

No. 10: Iron Maiden

The masters of British hard rock.  They’ve come up with a killer formula that just can’t be beat!

No.9: Céline Dion

The best voice of her generation, singing timeless classics in French and English.

Now, where else are you going to find Iron Maiden and Céline Dion in the same top 10!?  Nowhere, that’s where!  Welcome to!!!

No.8: Toto

Amazing songwriters, amazing musicians – one of the best pop bands ever.

No.7: Roxette

High energy pop-rock, beautiful heartfelt ballads, fun and innocence.  I love them.

No.6: Maaya Sakamoto (坂本 真綾)

The purest, crystalline voice, singing the most beautiful melodies written by top Japanese songwriters such as the masterful Yoko Kanno (菅野 よう子).  Timeless.

No.5: Jean-Jacques Goldman

The godfather of French pop, a master songwriter and a huge influence on me, on many levels.

No.4: Bryan Adams

No one writes a rock anthem or a heartfelt ballad like Bryan Adams.  And no one delivers it on stage with such a voice, warmth and energy.

No.3: Cerrone

A pioneer of disco and dance music in the 70s, 80s and beyond.  The reason I took up drums as a kid (and perhaps got into music?).

No.2: Kiss

The greatest American rock band of all time.  Behind the stage antics and face paint, some great songs and an inspirational outlook on life.

No.1: Queen

The kings of pop and rock.  A magical combination of four outstanding songwriters, musicians, and performers.  They are unique, complete, untouchable.

I’m not saying I love any of these bands/artists more than the others: you can’t quantify love – this is just a ranking based on the number of records in my collection.  There are other artists that I love as much as these 10, but for whatever reason, I just don’t own as many of their records…

All in all, are these statistics and ranking representative of the kind of music I make?  It is – and more than I thought it would be, actually.

So if you like the artists listed here, I hope you will give a listen to my music – you might really enjoy it. 

And over the coming months, I will continue to blog on these artists and many more, so stay tuned…


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