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180831-LloydsBldgEarlier this summer, I was given the opportunity to write and produce a track for Nick Luscombe’s “Musicity” programme, which pairs original pieces of music with buildings and landmarks in cities around the world.

The result is “Inside Out”, performed by SuperCool-Guy feat. Fay Cannings.

The song was inspired and written about the Lloyds building, architected by Richard Rogers and nicknamed the “Inside Out building” for the structural elements that make up its striking and distinctive exterior.

It was unveiled with a live performance by SuperCool-Guy and Fay Cannings on 21 July as part of the “Musicity x Sculpture in the City Live” event



So where can you listen to the song now? 


First, you’ve got to make your way to the Lloyds building, 1 Lime Street, in the City of London… where you might find this mark: 









Once in the vicinity of the Lloyds building, take out your smartphone, put on your headphones, and go to this page:


(please make sure that your browser app does not block geolocation)



It’s worth bookmarking the page, because once you’ve “unlocked” the track, you can replay it anywhere, not just on location (unsure whether this is a feature or a bug, but it’s definitely welcome).  


And while you are there, take a stroll across the City of London and Southbank to discover some of the other great Musicity tracks on


I hope some of you will make your way to Lime Street and enjoy our soundtrack to this great piece of architecture.

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