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  1. The great Steven Wilson held a remix contest at to promote his new single “Personal Shopper”.

    I’m a big fan of Steven Wilson. He’s eclectic, original, and consistently delivers on melody, mood and energy. The new track doesn’t disappoint, and you can hear its original version here: We are talking about a 9’49” epic of a song, a blend of alt rock and electronica, a very non-standard structure with ups, downs, and a 2’30” breakdown featuring spoken words from Elton John. The lyric points out the absurdities of consumerism and the title was inspired by the movie of the same name.

    I found out about the contest on the late (Tuesday night!) so had only two days to scramble a remix. I hit pause on my other projects and had a blast with this project!

    It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m very happy with the result. It’d be silly for me to say it’s “better” than the original, but I have to admit that I do prefer my remix. I find it very satisfying. I guess it’s aligned with my personal sensibility. How cool that potentially every listener could make their own personal version of the song, fine-tuned to match their personal sensibility!

    These are the main changes that I brought to the track:

    1. New chords: I have changed the chorus chords the 3rd & 4th time around to C – Dm – Bb. This progression feels very natural and satisfying to me. From the moment I first heard the song, I wanted it to go there! So, it’s a great satisfaction for me that I could make this change.

    2. Additional instrument layers: mostly a very prominent pulsating pad on the intro, chorus and bridge, as well as an additional string pad on the bridge, and power chords on the final chorus. It definitely gives the track a different feel and some might like it, some might not. To me, it sounds fuller and more satisfying.

    3. Streamlined structure: with a reduced running time of 7’15”. I was still able to retain all the key elements from the original track, but IMHO, the streamlined structure is punchier, more effective, and to me, more satisfying.

    So, there you go. I hope you like the remix. Let me know in the comments!

  2. OYCSTSWM-Screen1

    I was given the opportunity to take part in “Ludum Dare 46” over the weekend.
    This is a “game jam” where indie game developers have to make a game from start to finish in either 48 or 72 hours… that’s pretty intense! Not a lot of sleep, but a lot of fun was had!

    So I teamed up with my friend Alex de Rosée (coding), Tim Rust (graphics), and I did the music soundtrack and sound design.

    It’s called “Only You Can Save the Space Whale Multiverse”.

    For a game that was made in less than 72 hours, we think it’s pretty cool!

    Please try it out! PC and Mac versions can be downloaded from here:

    The game can be played on the keyboard with CTRL, ALT, space and arrow keys, but it’s quite hard, and plays much better with an Xbox or PS4 controller.

    For the non-gamers, I uploaded an edit of the Intro and Battle Themes to SoundCloud, which you can listen to here:

    There’s additional themes and sound effects that we didn’t have time to incorporate in this release of the game. Perhaps we’ll polish it a little more and add these in an upcoming “Director’s Cut” of the game?...

    Anyway, many thanks to Alex, Tim, the LD Jam organisers, and anyone who will give our game a spin! Hope you enjoy it!