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  1. Live performance Sat 21 Jul 2018 (London)

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    SuperCool-Guy and Fay Cannings are unveiling their new track “Inside Out” with a live performance on Saturday 21 July 2018 at 8PM, and a repeat at 9:30PM.

    The event will take place at the entrance of Principal Place, 111-113 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BA.

    Each set will run for approx. 20mn – so be there on time! – and will include a live-to-track performance of “Inside Out” and other songs.

    The event is free but space is limited so booking is recommended. You can book here:


    The event is part of “Musicity x Sculpture in the City Live”, which will include performances by other artists at nearby locations, and the “Nocturnal Creatures” arts festival which will run from 6-11PM – full details here:

    The song “Inside Out” was commissioned by “Musicity x Sculpture in the City” and inspired by the Lloyds Building, designed by Richard Rogers and nicknamed the “inside out building” for the structural elements that make up its striking and distinctive exterior. More on this in a later post...

    So if you are in London on Saturday 21 July, come down and meet us at Principal Place at 8PM or 9:30PM, and make an evening out of it with “Musicity x Sculpture in the City Live” and the “Nocturnal Creatures” festival!

  2. You (So Alive!)

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    Check out my new song "You (So Alive!)" feat. Fay Cannings!

    Words, music & arrangement by: A. Robin
    Vocals by: Fay Cannings
    Produced by: SuperCool-Guy

    Verse 1
    Kind of physical
    Kind of spiritual
    I’ve never felt this way before… it’s kind of magical

    Pre-Chorus 1
    Been around the world, searching for the answer
    And here you stand, it’s you I was after

    You… you make me whole
    You… you make me feel like I’m invincible
    You… you take me home
    You lift me up, I don’t know how
    You make me feel… so alive!

    Verse 2
    This feeling taking over me… is unstoppable

    Pre-Chorus 2
    You came to me when I was down
    I’ll stand by you, our lives are bound


    And when we touch I feel your fire
    You make me feel… alive!

    CHORUS +

    You lift me up, I don’t know how
    You make me feel… so alive!

    © â„— 2018 A. Robin - All rights reserved