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  1. The new SuperCool-Guy album “So That’s How It Ended…” is available now for pre-order on Apple iTunes!

    Check out the 3-mn “teaser” medley on SoundCloud…

    … and the video on YouTube:

    The iTunes album includes 11 tracks (10 new songs + 1 bonus track).

    I think it’s the best music I have produced to date. Like my previous output, it’s very much pop music, positive, uplifting, it has some 80s influences, some rock and house/trance influences even… it’s a bit more electronic, and production-wise, I think it’s the most polished and sonically satisfying music I’ve ever produced.

    I can’t wait for you to hear it and tell me what you think!

    The album will be out next week, on Friday 3rd September, on all digital platforms.

    All the music was composed, arranged and performed by yours truly... with a little help from some very talented friends:

    • Lyrics co-written with Gavin Clifton on 4 tracks and Larry Wheeler on 2
    • Guest vocals by Fay Cannings on 3 tracks, Wani on 2, and Kelly Erez on 1
    • Acoustic guitars by Nicky V on 1 track
    • Mixing and additional production by Viceroy and Adrian Hall on 1 track each
    • Mastering by Jon Astley at Close to the Edge Mastering

    The cover artwork is by the amazing Brazilian artist Abraão Lucas.

    Please pre-order, like, share, etc.!

    In my next blog entry, I will be provide track-by-track credits and will also share my thoughts behind the album concept, artwork and title.