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  1. Cassie

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    Cassie is hot!  That’s an understatement… Easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet!  Well, the good news is: Cassie’s back!

    Her 2005/6 debut single “Me & U” was a gem of understated R&B production by Ryan Leslie.  There was the album, a few follow-up singles and featured appearances… but not much since 2006… Not sure what happened…

    Then 2009 and the rad new “half-shaved” haircut… not many could have pulled that one off.

    Anyway… There’s a new album coming out early 2012 and the trailer for the first single “King of Hearts” has just been released – it’s more dance and sounds promising.

    I’ve put together a playlist of Cassie’s sexiest videos, including:

    the “King of Hearts” trailer,
    “Me & U”,
    “Long Way to Go”, and
    “Official Girl” (feat. Lil Wayne)

    Watch it here below or on my YouTube channel: pure hotness!   You’ll thank me later…

  2. Kelly Rowland

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    Kelly Rowland is pretty hot in the UK right now, being a judge on the X Factor.  In my book, she’s really hot, period.


    She was always my favorite member of Destiny’s Child – the cutest and most sexy one anyway! – and as a solo artist, I think she’s got the better songs and more pop/dance crossover appeal.

    I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs/videos from the sexy Ms. Rowland.  Head over to my YouTube channel to view them… enjoy!